Privacy Policy

BMO Cyber Pensioners News ( and email communications system are created, maintained and updated regularly by an informal and private group of BMO pensioned employees.

We maintain some pages screened and accessible only by a password. Currently these include:
-The names of members currently registered
-Ticket offers
All other pages on the website may be viewed by members of the public.

On rare occasions we provide links to other web pages that are not part of the Cyber Pensioner website. These linked sites are managed by organizations, companies, or individuals not under our control, and therefore we cannot be responsible for the information or links you may find there. We provide these links merely as a convenience and their presence does not constitute an endorsement of these linked sites. We are not responsible for the information collection practices of other websites. Once you link to another site, you are subject to the privacy policy of the new site. If concerned, you should read that site's policies on privacy and information collection.

BMO Cyber Pensioner members are welcome and encouraged to contribute material that they feel worthy of sharing with fellow retirees. Simply email the News Team at

For the information of contributors, we should mention:

  1. We do not endorse, advocate or publish material on behalf of any commercial products, services, businesses, charities, other organizations and groups.
  2. We are neither subsidized nor do we have any formal connections with any commercial enterprise.
  3. Opinions expressed and stories, articles and information shared on this website are limited to original submissions from BMO Cyber Pensioners members, affiliated BMO pensioner associations, BMO retiree social organizations and informal groups of BMO retirees; and specific information from BMO Financial Group that materially affects BMO pensioners.
  4. Original articles initiated by the News Team will not include material from another source which to the best of our knowledge has been copyrighted, unless permission has been granted in which case appropriate credit will be given.
  5. All material on the website is the responsibility of the person from whom the content was submitted. If the content includes copyright material we will work with the member, if necessary, to help them obtain approval to publish from the owner of that material. Again, appropriate credit will be given.
  6. In the event a member requires assistance in developing or structuring their article or story
    we are more than prepared to assist.
  7. If submitting unofficial tributes or unofficial notices to or of a person who has passed away, please confirm that the family of the deceased approves publication on our website.
  8. To avoid any potential liability issues, or copy that might offend our readership or, if necessary, to limit the length of material, we reserve the right to edit material submitted to us.
  9. To expedite publication, members submitting material are asked to include in their email an note that gives us permission to publish their original material. If the original submission has been edited members will be asked to provide permission to publish the edited copy.