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This web page is intended to provide contact information for important departments relating to our benefits. It also provides links to the various websites BMO employees and pensioners often access when dealing with such things as our dental and health benefits/claims in order to follow up on a medical or dental claim, to find out if a medical or dental expense is covered, to find out if a prescription drug or a dental expense requires prior authorization, etc.

Human Resources Centre (HRC)


To access the Human Resources myBenefits & Retirement website, CLICK HERE

1-888-927-7700 Requires your EIN number and password.

If you're not completely satisfied with the response that you have received from the above please send your concerns to with details of your experience, and they will work with you to address your concerns.

Sun Life

Contract number: 90019


To access the Sun Life website, CLICK HERE

1-800-361-6212   TTY: 1-800-387-5559

Canada Life

Contract number: 51023


To access the Canada Life website, CLICK HERE


1-800-663-2817 - Quebec
TTY: 1-800-990-6654

Exclusive Offers (Previously BMO Personal Use Deals), Retirements and Obituaries

For more information   CLICK HERE


Notifying BMO About a Death

The guide describes the process and the role of the Life Benefits Specialists in the HRC. Of particular importance, we believe, are the instructions for navigating the telephone site menu for those that may not have the Employee Information Number (EIN) for a deceased employee. To view the guide click on the Notifying BMO image above.The guide is also available on the BMO pensioner portal.

To view the English Version of the document,   CLICK HERE

To view the French version of the document,    CLICK HERE


Sir Vincent Meredith Fund Financial Assistance Program

The Sir Vincent Meredith Fund is an employee benevolent fund that helps employees and pensioners in financial hardship.

Contact HRC for further information. (Refer to the top left section of this page for the contact number and email address.)

BMO Heritage Site

Launched in 2022 this site, which can be accessed through the BMO retiree portal includes actual digitized bank historical archived bank documents never made available to the public. Over the years since BMO Cyberpensioners came into being, some of that content has been discussed anecdotally, often in detail, in articles and stories. Some of the more recent articles are stored in our website archives.

The site encourages you to check monthly for new content @

ESOP (Employee Share Ownership Plan) Hotline


1-877-266-6789 For queries regarding myShares and plan provisions

Best of BMO

CLICK HERE   to view the English document.

CLICK HERE   to view the French document.

This is a copy of the Best of BMO and not necessarily the most current version. It is also available at the pensioner portal.

It provides employees, pensioners and their eligible dependents to a variety of banking services, special offers and preferred programs.

Telus Health One (previously Lifeworks)

Telus Health One offers a wealth of resources and confidential services to help you with so many aspects of your life -- from everyday needs through to life's big transitions and in times of crisis. Telus Health One is available online, in person or on the phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

BMO's Telus Health One user ID and password can be found in your latest Benefacts or when accessing myBenefits & Retirement or BMO Harris Benefits.

Telus Health One Web site:

Retiree Social Events Contact List

You can now access the social events contact list by going to the "My Benefits & Retirement" website (  Simply enter your personal User ID and Password. Scroll across the tiles (boxes) to the 4th tile, “Retirees Community Association Contacts”.   You can also see this list by going to our Social Events page.