Cyber Pensioners' Historical Log

1991Jim O'Neill and Barry Gemmel established an e-mail exchange with Central Ontario pensioners.60 
2001Started an MSN sponsored interactive website.200 
2002Tom Mitchell joined Barry and Jim.  They became known as the Three Amigos.  
2003Started the Cyber Pensioners (CP) Gmail account.400 
2004Current Cyber Pensioner's website created by Tom Mitchell.500 
2007Barry and Jim announced they wished to "retire".645 
 Announcement made that as there were no volunteer replacements Cyber Pensioners would be closed.  
 (Click here for - Closing Announcement Newsletter)  
 Colin Evans joined the team and recruited replacement volunteers.  
  Jim and Tom moved into very active advisory roles.  
 Formalized relationships with existing Pensioner Associations and started to recruit volunteer Regional Representatives.  
2008Automated membership application developed by Tom Mitchell with assistance from Jim O'Neill.676 
2009Promotional initiatives - Arranged for CP luncheon handout to be given out at luncheons across Canada.775 
 And also negotiated the inclusion of CP website on Bank's "@work" Newsletter.  
 (Click here for - Copy of initial Luncheon Handout)  
 Presentation made by Colin Evans to promote Cyber Pensioners at the Toronto pensioners' luncheon.  
2010When @work Newsletter cancelled arrangement made to add Retirements and Obituaries to CP website.893 
 CP website address added to the Benefacts brochure.  
 Major website redesign and development done by Tom Mitchell with assistance from Heinz Hiob and Jim O'Neill to be more intuitive and user friendly to navigate.  
201120th Anniversary of Cyber Pensioners.1300 
 (Click here for - 20th Anniversary History Article)  
 Team participated in the working committee to create BMO's Retiree Portal.  
 New logo and Cyber Pensioners masthead developed by Tom Mitchell for use on website and all promotional material. (Logo is artist rendition of pillars seen in old BMO branches)  
 CP website added to gifts handed out at all Ontario Pensioners' luncheons.  
2013Website information added to enrollment section of myBenefits website for new retirees.1943 
 BMO Retiree Portal launched to include our recommendations: Best of BMO, Personal Use Deals and Retirements and Obituaries.  
2014Created the Cyber Pensioners' Facebook page.2270 
2015Initiated the need for "Reporting The Death of a Love One" guide that is posted on the Retiree Portal.2329400
 Website rebuilt with new navigation menu using a "website builder" tool to reduce technical skills needed to maintain and update the website developed by Tom Mitchell with assistance from Heinz Hiob.  
2016BMO commemorative letter to celebrate 25th Anniversary presented to Jim O'Neill and Barry Gemmel. 2500599
(Click here for - Picture of presentation and copy of the letter)
2017Initiated special 200th BMO Anniversary pensioners' luncheon in Toronto.2800800
Also briefed keynote speaker and suggested Scottish Piper introduction of keynote speaker. 
(Click here for - Picture of the event at the Toronto Convention Center)
Cyber Pensioner Hall of Fame introduced and added to "About Us" page of CP website.
Minor changes to appearance of website with major technical enhancements to simplify and streamline the daily maintenance designed and developed by Sandy Shim with assistance from Heinz Hiob and Roy Brown.
2019Last full year of publication of pensioner group activities before disruption by COVID 19 pandemic32001063
2020Discussed with BMO the continued publication of Retirements and Obituaries as the Bank stopped publishing last year due to privacy and security concerns. (Still awaiting a final solution.)33561176
202130th Anniversary34821352
2022Added new feature for 90 and Over Birthday Celebrations3588 
2023Updated "Our Objectives" on the About BMO Cyber Pensioners page37511558
Updated Format and Content of Newsletter
Updates to Privacy/Publishing Policy with respect to Obituaries and Bilingual format
2024Updated Role Definitions on About Us page