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“My Volunteer Work - A Circle of Happiness” by Marj Ross, Richmond, British Columbia

January 18, 2022

Marj Ross, Richmond, British Columbia has written an interesting story about her volunteer work with a new seniors community.  The story is informative as Marj tells us how she became involved in this kind of volunteering and what she does. Volunteer work is very rewarding and we hope her story may motivate our members who have been thinking about it to actually take the next step and find something that will bring them personal joy and help others.

Please Click Here to read the story.


If you have any comments regarding this story, please contact the BMO Cyber Pensioners News team at We look forward to hearing from you."

“Welcome to 2022- Flashback Challenge for You” by Rose Sigouin, Sudbury, Ontario

January 12, 2022

Rose Sigouin, Sudbury, Ontario has sent us a story which includes some 'spring cleaning' and reminiscing which we hope you will enjoy.  Her story is rather ingenious as she turns it into a call out for our members to engage in flashbacks regarding their work experience in BMO.  We hope you enjoy it and take up her challenge and with that exciting thought look forward to your responses.

Please Click Here to read the story.

Flashback Challenge from Rose Sigouin, Sudbury, Ontario: If you have any comments regarding Rose’s story, please send your flashback to the BMO Cyber Pensioners News team at We all look forward to hearing about your flashback."


Letter from the Editor: Reflections on the year 2021

December 7, 2021

As many of our readers know, at this time of year we like to reflect on what has happened to and within our cyber community and network over the past twelve months. As a friend mentioned the other day, we probably all thought looking back that our experiences during 2020 were unique but in some ways 2021 offered much of the same!

We are not going to recount the ways our lives have changed and we have had to constantly adapt because of the pandemic. This has already been documented in the media. But it has affected the news we have been able to report this year. Nonetheless we are indebted to members who have provided us with many stories and reminisces and to our senior correspondent, Joan Mesic, who has been working on articles reminding us of happenings in the Bank in the past.

Notably this year we did celebrate both our network's 30 year anniversary and the fact our membership now totals more than 3500. And, while we publish only the obituaries provided to us by and of our members, we were pleased to see the Bank re-instituted the provision of information covering retirements, obituaries and personal use deals, albeit on a different digital platform. This information is a little more difficult to find; however, access details were provided in our notice in November. For convenience this notice is now a permanent feature of the Resources drop down menu on our website. Simply click on BMO Links.

This year though has been affected by a number of major weather-related disasters and we continue to worry about the impact on friends and their families. Heat domes, forest fires, extensive flooding, evacuations and extensive damage to infrastructure have dominated headlines. We hope all our friends are safe and being looked after and that in some way our communications network has enabled people to reach out and help those members in need. Our thoughts go out to those who have experienced loss this year.

And so we are moving towards what we hope will be a brighter year in 2022. In closing, our News Team would like to wish our readers and their families the best for the coming holiday season.

Please stay safe and well.

Dave Harmer


“BMO 30 Years Ago - 1991 - Celebrating BMO Cyber Pensioners 30th Anniversary” by Joan Mesic, Senior Correspondent (3rd and last instalment)

November 19, 2021

We have a few news items for you to read with our third and last instalment about what was happening in BMO the period our website was born. The articles we have referenced have been generously provided to us by BMO Corporate Archives. We have selected just a few that we thought our wide range of BMO retiree members might enjoy.

To begin with there were quite a few branch openings in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and British Columbia in 1991; fourteen to be exact according to the bank’s archives. No doubt some of our members have worked in them and/or participated in the planning and openings of these branches in some way. The following is the list of those branches:

14 Branches Opened in 1991

  • Quebec, St.-Eustache Branch
  • London, Ontario - Masonville Branch
  • Newmarket, Ontario - Yonge & Mulock
  • Dartmouth, Nova Scotia - Burnside Branch
  • Ottawa, Ontario - Barrhaven Town Centre
  • Toronto, Ontario - Infoservice Centre
  • Etobicoke, Ontario - Six Points Plaza
  • North York, Ontario - University Branch
  • Concord - Vaughan Metropolitan Centre
  • Laval, Quebec -  Les Tours Triomphe Branch
  • Richmond Hill, Ontario -16th & Spadina
  • Toronto, Ontario - BMO Nesbitt Burns CMA Service Centre
  • North Vancouver, British Columbia - Parkgate Village Shopping Centre
  • Burnaby, British Columbia - Burnaby Private Financial Services Centre

Instalment 2, published November 5, focused on the advancement of women in the bank. BMO broadened this strategy and helped women outside of the bank to become successful business owners which would also encourage them to make BMO the bank of their choice.  The estimation at that time if trends continued as they had been was that by the year 2000, one half the businesses in Canada would be owned by women.  A significant market for the bank to grow its businesses. The bank launched two initiatives to support women business owners: the Women Entrepreneur Program in Nova Scotia and an arrangement with Association des femmes d’affaires du Quebec, (the top women’s business group in Quebec). For more details on these two projects, read the article, “Projects Recognize that Women Mean Business” pages 5 and 6, First Bank News (FBN).

Many of you will remember InfoLINE was introduced during this time. The branch catalogue, rate sheets and daily notice board were put online which reduced paper consumption (read the article, “The Common Sense of InfoLINE page 4, FBN).  Plus the bank’s ads changed featuring Bank of Montreal employees (read the article, “We’re Paying Attention” pages 16 and 17, FBN)  In June 2021, we received a great story about this change in marketing strategy, “My Acting Debut in Bank of Montreal’s First Television Commercial” by June Hillion, June 19 2021. June’s story has been included in the below reading material in case you missed it.

With the advancements in technology, some of our Business Systems employees began working as telecommuters (read the article, “The Officeless Office” page 4, FBN).  Common prophecies which were frequently talked about during that time were: modern technology would change the way work was done, the types of jobs and shorten the work-week. Working at home is not new and has been around since medieval (1) times when trades and crafts and other forms of livelihood were shops in people’s homes. Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, the COVID-19 virus has made it necessary for workers where possible to work from home.  The business world has set up their employees with the technology to work remotely when the jobs could be done from home and invested more money in technology to make this happen.  The pandemic has had a major impact on workers and business owners about how, when and where work gets done and many of these changes will stay even when the pandemic in over. All of this you know already so enough said.

Change will never stop, that is a given. Pundits have had much to say predicting the future and the impacts, both positive and negative on the world, our planet and our lives. Although the proverb is relatively new (1970’s) it has never seemed more fitting than nowadays, ‘what goes around, comes around’.

We hope you have enjoyed some of these glimpses into the past. We are doing a shout out to our members for their stories about this time in the bank or elsewhere.

The five articles referenced in order of mention are as follows:

Click to read: “Projects Recognize that Women Mean Business” pages 5 and 6, FBN"

Click to read ….. "The Common Sense of InfoLINE page 4, FBN"

Click to read…… "We’re Paying Attention” pages 16 and 17, FBN"

Click to read……“My Acting Debut in Bank of Montreal’s First Television Commercial” by June Hillion, June 19, 2021 - (in our archives)

Click to read…..  "The Officeless Office” page 4, FBN"

Footnote (1) from Wikipedia

“In the history of Europe, the Middle Ages or medieval period lasted approximately from the 5th to the late 15th centuries, similarly to the Post-classical period of global history. It began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire and transitioned into the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery.”

Material and images are the property of BMO Financial Group's Corporate Archives. No part of the material or photographs may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of the Corporate Archives. If you have any comments regarding this article, please contact the BMO Cyber Pensioners News team at We look forward to hearing from you."


Major Membership Milestone Reached!!

November 18, 2021


We have just added Rajeev Arora of Toronto, Ontario to our membership, bringing us to milestone number 3,500.

Congratulations Rajeev!



Bankers Lunch at The Elmhurst November 16, 2021

November 18, 2021

Here are the pictures of 27 of our members who gathered for lunch 638 days after the last time we sat together.  The Elmhurst put together a very fine meal for us of soup, salads, prime rib, roasted potatoes, a pasta casserole and a medley of desserts.  They had cancelled the Senior lunch buffet just after Covid-19 hit and when asked, they brought it back as a special matter for us.  It was absolutely outstanding.  What a class act they are.

The names that go with the pictures are as follows, all from left to right in the photo as well in that order below:

Bob Ranick, Matt Hurst, John Schnarr, John Wylie, Ben Parkinson, Roy Martin,
Ron Gates, John Huisman, Mike Hoshooley, Bob Chambers, Grant Male, Ron Lamoure
Keith Lindsay, Joe Sharp, Bob Wade, Bob Zettler
Ross Douglas, Fred Cook, Chris Coburn, Wayne King
Ken MacPherson, Ron Stewart, Chuck Joynt, Bruce Furtney
Don Kinsman. Jim Martin, John St.Cyr

Click here to see all the pictures.

Chuck Joynt


“BMO 30 Years Ago - 1991 - Celebrating BMO Cyber Pensioners 30th Anniversary” by Joan Mesic, Senior Correspondent (2nd instalment)

November 5, 2021

As previously mentioned in our first article which focused on the building of the IFL we continue with another event that happened in BMO in 1991, thirty years ago, when our website was created. This is the second major initiative from the 1991 Annual Report, the President’s “Task Force on the Advancement of Women in the Bank”.

A common phrase, ‘breaking the glass ceiling’ was coined to describe the barriers women faced in life which dates back two centuries ago.  The following is an excerpt from the internet, Wikipedia:

“In 1839, French feminist and author George Sand used a similar phrase, une voûte de cristal impénétrable, in a passage of Gabriel, a never-performed play: "I was a woman; for suddenly my wings collapsed, ether closed in around my head like an impenetrable crystal vault, and I fell...." [emphasis added]. The statement, a description of the heroine's dream of soaring with wings, has been interpreted as a feminine Icarus tale of a woman who attempts to ascend above her accepted role.

One person using the term Glass ceiling was Marilyn Loden during a 1978 speech. According to the April 3, 2015, Wall Street Journal the term glass ceiling was coined in the spring of 1978 by Marianne Schriber and Katherine Lawrence at Hewlett-Packard. Lawrence outlined the concept at the National Press Club at the national meeting of the Women's Institute for the Freedom of the Press in Washington DC. The ceiling was defined as discriminatory promotion patterns where the written promotional policy is non-discriminatory, but in practice denies promotion to qualified females.”

The artifact provided by BMO Corporate Archives is an article from the bank’s magazine, “First Bank News” (FBN) which was published in the Nov/Dec 1991 issue. The article, “Through the Glass Ceiling”, is about the Bank of Montreal’s task force which was created to document the problems and to make recommendations on solutions to the barriers that were hindering women from advancing in the bank.

The task forced was commissioned by F.A. Comper, who was President of Bank of Montreal at that time. As he mentioned in the FBN article during 1991, the bank’s workforce were 75% women with a mere 6% of executives women employees. We are also including a link to the actual report, “The Task Force on the Advancement of Women in the Bank - November 1991”.

Although times have changed and progress has been made, there continues to be challenges for women in all fields of work in all industries.  The bank, as I heard from a reliable source, is continuing to actualize its women employees’ potential and is also focusing on diversity and inclusivity. We hope you enjoy the article and if you have any stories about supporting women in the workforce, in BMO or otherwise, excel and progress, we would enjoy hearing from you.

To read the FBN article, Nov/Dec 1991 issue, click ”Through the Glass Ceiling” 

Click the following link to read the report, “The Task Force on the Advancement of Women in the Bank - November 1991”   TF1991_Original_Women_ENG_oct28.PDF (

In case you missed it, Click  “BMO 30 Years Ago - 1991 - Celebrating BMO Cyber Pensioners 30th Anniversary” dated October 17, 2021 to read the first instalment which focused on the Institute for Learning.

P.S. We will have a few more articles and bits of information to share with you in upcoming publications so stay tuned.

“Material and images are the property of BMO Financial Group's Corporate Archives. No part of the material or photographs may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of the Corporate Archives.”

If you have any comments regarding this article, please contact the BMO Cyber Pensioners News team at We look forward to hearing from you." 


Notice to Members - November 1, 2021

Retirement, Obituaries and Personal Use Deals

The following items have been removed from the BMO Retiree Portal. They have been updated and you can now find the information as follows.

1. Retirements and Obituaries.

These have been updated to May 2021 from when they were last published by the bank in April 2020.

To access these notices go to the "My Benefits & Retirement" website (https:/ and enter your personal User ID and Password. Go to "Other Resources" on the right-hand side of the page and click "Notices". This will take you directly to published retirements and obituaries.

Please note, we are not aware of how often these notices will be updated so you may wish to check back on the "My Benefits & Retirement " website from time to time.

Don't forget to log off this website.

2. Personal Use Deals - now called Exclusive Offers.

To access these you will need to log on to find the User ID and password by going to the right-hand side of the "My Benefits & Retirement" website - and clicking  LifeWorks and then Other Benefits. As before, please don't forget to log off this website.

(If you have kept your Benefacts Fall 2020 notice, the User ID and password for LifeWorks is on the back page under "Important contacts".)

Then go to the LifeWorks website ( and log on by entering the User ID and password, then click Exclusive Offers. Then log off this website.

For your future reference, we will copy this information to the BMO Links drop- down menu of the Cyber Pensioner website.

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