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Cruising the Salish Sea by Earl Hansford

November 22, 2022

It was neither a stormy nor dark night –

The morning of November 16th was beautiful, albeit a touch foggy weatherwise. Calm seas allowed for an uneventful passage for the six Mainlanders who traveled to Swartz Bay for lunch with ten Islanders (including one visiting from the Centre of the Earth, Ontario). Three drivers met us, and lunch was convened at the Rum Runner Pub on the waterfront in Sidney.

Many stories ensued, some were new, others repeated, and all were enjoyed. Lunch was excellent and pop was served to help with memory and recall. Exaggeration was recognized and allowed between old friends. All agreed to set the next meeting for Spring, 2023 in Ladner.

These lunches ‘across the water’ started years ago as an old Credit guys get together and have evolved, happily, to include others we worked with as well.

Written by Earl Hansford


The participants in clockwise order starting from the left table, top,

Larry McMahon, Barry Rhoades, Pal Singh, Allan Miller, Norm Pfeifer, Terry Conlan, Ron Leslie, Bob Buckner.

Right table: Standing Earl Hansford, Dave Fraser: Seated top Ian King, John Clarke, Denis Courchene, Bob Mitchell, Bob Audet, Eric Donald.



Lloyd Varner - Sackville, New Brunswick - “90 and Older Birthday Celebrations”

November 17, 2022

Today, November 17th is Lloyd Varner’s 90th birthday. All of us at BMO Cyber Pensioners would like to extend our best happy birthday wishes to him.  In 1990 Lloyd became our New Brunswick Regional Representative and after 27 years of volunteering he was made an Honorary Member in 2017.  His volunteer work helped to build our membership and the many stories he has written for the website are like walks through banking history and how life was over 70 years ago, in those ‘good old days’. His stories can be found in our archives and are available for our members to read.

The following insights about Lloyd are shared by his family, friends and the volunteers at BMO Cyber Pensioners. (Click Here).

Happy Birthday Lloyd and may you have many more to come.



Anne Reed - Ajax, Ontario - “90 and Older Birthday Celebrations”

November 15, 2022

We received the following email and photo from Sarah Scullion about Anne Reed, her mother, whose 90th birthday is today, November 15, 2022.  Happy Birthday Anne and we wish you many more to come.

"Good morning!  My Mother, Anne Reed, turns 90 today!  She worked at the Willowdale Computer Complex (WCC), Scarborough Computer Complex (SCC), and then the bank’s Institute for Learning (IFL) for approximately 15 years retiring in the mid 90's when both my Mum and Dad (Michael Reed also a BMO retiree) started their quieter life.

They traveled, they became active in the BMO pensioners, the quarterly pensioner meetings at the IFL, PROBUS (an association of retired and semi-retired persons) as well as, active grandparents and gardeners!  

Happy 90th Mum!” 

Thank you Anne for sharing this special day with us.

If you have any comments about Anne Reed or our “90 and Older Birthday Celebrations”, please send us an email at


For your information: Bank launches BMO Heritage Site

November 15, 2022

The bank has recently launched a BMO Heritage Site celebrating 205 years of progress. The site includes actual digitized bank historical archived documents never made available to the public. Over the years since BMO Cyberpensioners came into being, some of that content has been discussed anecdotally, often in detail, in articles and stories. Some of the more recent articles are stored in our website archives.

The site encourages you to check monthly for new content and can be found using the BMO retiree portal:

For future reference purposes this information can be found using the BMO Links drop down menu on the homepage."

BMO Cyberpensioners News Team


BOMPA Southern Alberta Newsletter – November 2022

November 1, 2022



Here is the BOMPA Southern Alberta November 2022 Newsletter which is primarily information on the upcoming Christmas luncheon at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino.

Go to the Association Newsletters webpage to read the latest issue. 

Thanks to Gillian McKinnon for sharing.





Colin Bartlett, Parksville, British Columbia - "90 and older Birthday Celebrations”

November 1, 2022


Happy belated birthday to Colin Bartlett who was born in 1932 and celebrated his 90th birthday on April 28, 2022. Colin is the first member to respond to our new feature, "90 and older Birthday Celebrations".

Click Here to see what he had to say about himself.





Catching Some Sun at Steveston Village by Earl Hansford

October 24, 2022

The day was amazing and the food excellent at the Catch Restaurant in Richmond. Only 18 BOMPA members attended our get together on October 13th but they enjoyed good fellowship and visiting with old friends.

 Did I mention the view, it was spectacular!

The venue could hold many more, our server Niki was easily able to keep up with our modest requirements and met them superbly.  The menu was varied for almost all tastes and diets – the seafood was great.  A place to mark with that old stamp RETURN TO -->.

The two E’s



From the Editor

October 10, 2022

For some of our fellow retirees, the bank was their only single or long time employer. And during the 70’s, 80’s and 90's many were transferred frequently, sometimes locally, between cities, provinces, territories or internationally. Despite the fact that we all worked for such a large organization, paths crossed to the extent that each of us developed unique networks of colleagues and friends together with reminders of times past.  So many memories, sometimes humorous or sad, often brought to mind by anticipated or unexpected contact, events or news.

We are sharing with you today the notes for a farewell speech Liz Spencer made (and kept as a keepsake) when Mike Lee left the bank quite a few years ago. This illustrates the connection of a network of colleagues and surfaced after being triggered by the sad news of his passing. I am sure quite a number of you may remember Mike, the references in the speech to the forerunner of the IFL - the Place du Fort in Montreal - and many will recall the Task Force on the Advancement of Women.

Our thanks to Liz Spencer for sharing this with us and Mike's wife Lynn Lester-Lee for her kind permission to publish these notes for the speech. To read it please  Click Here 

We are always interested in publishing reminiscences from our members about their experiences in the bank. Please send your material to BMO CyberPensioners News Team at


Dave Harmer


BOMPA Northern Alberta Christmas Luncheon - December 14th, 2022

October 9, 2022

Hello all BOMPA Northern Alberta Members,

We are glad to confirm that BOMPA Northern Alberta will be hosting the Christmas Luncheon at the Chateau Louis on December 14th. 

An Invitation with all the details is in the Ticket Offers section.

We hope everyone can make it. It will be great to catch up with old friends in-person, for a change.

Take care,

Bill Kilgour
On behalf of the BOMPA Northern Alberta Executive Committee



New Website Feature - “90 and older Birthday Celebrations”

October 4, 2022

We are pleased to announce that effective November 1, 2022 we are adding a new feature to our website for our members.  

We are of the opinion that when our members reach a 90th birthday or older, it is a very significant milestone and if possible we would like to celebrate these occasions with a brief announcement on our website and Facebook.

Members may know a BMO Cyber Pensioner who will be approaching or has recently had a 90th or older birthday and would like us to publish the persons name, the birthday date, age and a few details about the individual and any planned celebrations.  We know personal information of this nature can be very sensitive so before announcing it on our website or Facebook we would need confirmation that the member or their family has given permission for the information about them to be published.  

Of course, if you are the BMO Cyber Pensioner turning 90 or older and would like us to celebrate your birthday we would be more than happy to do so.

In either case please send us an email at with your request and let us know the desired date for publication together with confirmation that permission has been given. If you wish us to obtain this permission, we would probably need 3 weeks lead time before the desired publication date. 

If possible, please include a photo of the person with your request so that we may include it in the announcement.

Subsequently we would welcome and publish photos and a description of any 90 plus birthday celebration event for one of our members that has taken place.

While publication of these events will not be an everyday occurrence, we hope you will agree these types of celebrations can bring our members closer together.

If you have any comments regarding our new website feature, please contact the BMO Cyber Pensioners News team at



November 2022
Lloyd Varner, Sackville, New Brunswick - “90 and Older Birthday Celebrations”
Anne Reed, Ajax, Ontario - “90 and Older Birthday Celebrations”
Colin Bartlett, Parksville, British Columbia - "90 and older Birthday Celebrations”


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